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Photograph: The author of the blog, stands on a grassy ridge holding a thermos of coffee. Gently sloping hills recede into haze in the far distance.

About the Author

Joey Castillo

Texan by birthright, Joey now lives in Brooklyn, NY with four roommates and his truck, Ghost. He likes backcountry hikes, cold weather camping, dark starry nights and hot camp stove coffee in the morning. His day job is in software. Apps ‘n such. Check out that work at joeycastillo.com.

Oh. You meant about the website.

Photograph: Rolling gray clouds block out any hint of blue sky above the pine trees and mountains near the Denali National Park visitors’ center.

About The Website

The Outset

The Outset is Joey’s personal hiking blog. Here he writes essays about treks that taught him something, about himself or about the world.

Posts are written in a journalistic manner. While these may be personal essays, they are not fictionalized; I am writing about things as they happened. Fact-based assertions are fact-checked where possible; quotes are based on contemporaneous notes or clear recollections. Photographs may be toned, but are never manipulated or composited. Any images that are not mine are reproduced with permission and credited.

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