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Last Look: The Virgen Misionera Madre De los Inmigrantes Shrine

Photograph: The Virgen Misionera Madre De los Inmigrantes Shrine, slightly rebuilt since 2015.

Back in April of this year, I returned to the spot just northeast of Graymoor where I had seen the destroyed shrine. The bucket of debris was in basically the same place, but someone had been by to rebuild, if just a bit; nailed the remnants of the sign to a nearby tree, and created a small pile of logs on the pedestal, propping up a stone that reads “Jesus is my way.”

On that stone, people have placed little trinkets: coins, a guitar pick, a section of bike chain. I imagine them all being a prayer for someone.

Photograph: A close-up of the trinkets placed at the shrine.

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Joey Castillo

Texan by birthright, Joey now lives in Brooklyn, NY with four roommates and his truck, Ghost. He likes backcountry hikes, cold weather camping, dark starry nights and hot camp stove coffee in the morning. He’s carried a national parks passport since 1996.