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Last Look: Starry Night

Photograph: looking up at the night sky through a tangled silhouette of tree branches. Hundreds of stars appear as white pinpricks in the purple and orange sky.

This is from a different trip in this same region. Since that first fraught overnight, I’ve returned to the Striper Way bus stop three times; hiking northbound, the Wildcat Shelter is terribly convenient for a quick camping trip, and southbound, the walk to Prospect Rock makes for a great long day hike. Anyway, one night camping in this area, I looked up and saw this star-filled sky between bands of wispy clouds.

It’s amazing to think that you can reach this via a bus from New York City.

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Joey Castillo

Texan by birthright, Joey now lives in Brooklyn, NY with four roommates and his truck, Ghost. He likes backcountry hikes, cold weather camping, dark starry nights and hot camp stove coffee in the morning. He’s carried a national parks passport since 1996.