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Last Look: The Window

Two photographs. The left photograph, yellowed and fading, depicts Joey, perhaps age 12, smiling as he stands in the center of the Window overlook. At right, a photo shows Joey, now early 30s, in the same spot.

Left photo: Jose E. Castillo; right photo: Drew Anthony Smith.

Upon returning from this trek, I visited my parents in San Antonio; while there, I rummaged through old family photo albums. I knew there would be a photo of me on the Window trail, and I smiled when I found the photograph on the left, and put it next to the photograph Drew had taken of me on the right. Twenty years of Big Bend.

Life Pro Tip: Call your folks, if you’re fortunate enough to have them in your life. They’re always happy to hear from you.

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Joey Castillo

Texan by birthright, Joey now lives in Brooklyn, NY with four roommates and his truck, Ghost. He likes backcountry hikes, cold weather camping, dark starry nights and hot camp stove coffee in the morning. He’s carried a national parks passport since 1996.